B2B E-Commerce Portal - Synntopia

B2B E-Commerce Portal - Synntopia


P3 has launched an e-commerce portal and invite our current valuable vendors to synergize together and make the portal ‘live’.

This portal will streamline our company internal & external process which will further improve the procurement channel.

 You may aware that e-Commerce has been in the market for a while but it is still NEW to our industry. So P3 Project would like to create this environment to CONNECT & LINK all our end users and the technical personnel with the valued-added services and innovated products which are the most needed required in the current market environment. This is a “win-win” platform to tap on what’s NEW in the industry.

 However, Retaining & Maintaining of database can be tedious to all administration staff or the organization. With this portal take care of it will also saves our time & manpower which can be used otherwise to contribute to Business Excellence.


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