Mechanical Polishing & Electropolishing

       Corrosion resistance “Passive” surface of the stainless steel tank inner surface is critical in pharmaceutical, food, beverages & diary plants for product contact surface area. After some times, the inner surface of the Stainless steel tank can be contaminated by the products and required to reinstate the featureless surface to maintain the product quality.

       Electropolishing subsequent to mechanical polishing is the unique and effective way to reinstate the featureless inner surfaces of those tanks.

       Some Stainless Steel Tanks installed inside plant room/ clean room are not feasible to bring out for polishing at shop.

       P3 has established the Specialist team for Mechanical Polishing & Electropolishing to provide unique service to our customers at Shop and In-situ Services as well.

Benefits of Electropolishing

The inherent benefits of Electropolishing subsequent to mechanical polishing are as follows:

       Improved resistance to corrosion due to chromium enrichment of the surface.

       Reduction of surface roughness

       Removal of sharp edges (burrs, corners, etc)

       Results in a bright, reflecting surface, with removal of light scratches and a cosmetically desirable product with increased light reflection

       Reduced dirt adhesion making the surface easier to clean

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